Dean K. Moy

Dean K. Moy is a 30 year Master Jeweler who specializes in the old world technique of hand fabrication and sculpting in precious metals of Gold, Platinum and Sterling Silver. Fabricating by hand is a process that forms complete pieces of work by constructing smaller components, each by hand, then assembling them in order to create one solid work.

Even simple designs could consist of several individually sculpted components that are put together to make one piece of work such as high-fashion jewelry for example. More complex work could consist of several hundred individual assembled components to make up the piece.

With multiple studios in the United States and his Main Studio in Chicago, Moy’s jewelry is worn by Hollywood Celebrities, Sports Figures, Astronauts and other Notables, along with his pieces having been housed at the Smithsonian Museum and used at the White House in a Presidential Presentation.

The movement to create larger works of precious metal and gemstone art was motivated by Moy’s drive to constantly look and move upward; not for fame or fortune, but for the sense of accomplishment knowing that he keeps the fading art form and craftsmanship of Old-World fabrication alive.


•Modern Jeweler Magazine - Buyer's Choice Award - Multiple Winner


• Basel International Art Exposition - Basel, Switzerland
• The Carnegie Museum of Natural History - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
• Sculptaire Diamond Collection - Worldwide Tour
• Smithsonian Museum - Washington, DC


The "Arlington Million" Trophy At the turn of this century, the prestigious "Arlington Million" trophy project, hosted by Churchill Downs, was awarded to Moy. Selected from a vast field of artists for this 15 piece contract, Moy was chosen for his uniquely creative design and his innovative approach to the process of manufacturing this sculpture.

The trophy stands 14 inches tall and contains over 26 lbs. of solid sterling silver. It took well over 2 years and 700 lbs. of sterling silver material to complete Moy’s vision. The details of this sculpture are exemplified over and over again as you realize each of the component’s individuality and the layers of sterling silver plates that help make up this piece. Each of the eight columns is hand engraved with meticulous old world precision.

Moy's "Arlington Million" trophies were presented at the Churchill Downs awards ceremony beginning in the year 2000 and for the following five consecutive years. At that time, valued at over $180,000.00 each, the Arlington Million was considered the most coveted presentation piece the sport had ever seen.


Freedom Flight I

This piece is the first in the series of five to come and was Moy’s first production of a large scale work in Gold. It is the most delicate of the completed three sculptures, standing 12" inches tall.

The gold domes which cap off the top, bottom and the base of the miniature bird cage are hand hammered. They taper down to a diamond pavé set ball and white gold spire.

The multi-colored miniature hand carved leaves of yellow, white and rose gold, form a wreath fitted over the top of green malachite rings at the top and bottom of the cage. The cage components are compression fitted and held together by hand-crafted 18k Gold bolts and nuts.

This first work of five is an intricate piece special to Moy, separate from the others in a way; from the delicate round diamonds set into the top of each raised spoke on the sculpture's base; to the channel set baguette cut white diamonds in the top collar and the channel set round diamonds in the stand.

Freedom Flight II

An 18k Yellow Gold vine rises up from the base. It first draws your eye from the bottom, upwards,
past various points of interest to the pattern design within the stand. The vine’s hand-crafted miniature leaves of 18k yellow, white and rose gold cling to it, as it wraps around the stand-along. Set amongst the leaves of the climbing vine are very fine round white diamonds which reflect brilliant flashes of light.

This piece stands just over 18.5 inches tall. The stand's design has components that are replicated from the form of the functioning cage door. Set into the stand, is an 18k white gold pavé set diamond ball containing more than 6.25 carats of very fine white diamonds.

The wire work that forms the bird cage is formed with meticulous precision, completely by hand and is fitted together with yellow and white gold wires. Diamond accents are set from top to bottom enhancing the character of this unique piece.

The miniature hand-carved bird is of a Woodland Type, sitting proudly on its nest of 18k gold leaves, sticks and brush, while protecting its tiny eggs that lay inside. The eggs are cut from Mexican Opal. Again both Bird and eggs are crafted by the leading stone cutters of Idar-Oberstien, Germany.

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